Justyna Wołodkiewicz Sculptural Embroidery

As you well know I’m a big fan of abstraction in embroidery, and Justyna Wołodkiewicz is one artist who’s smashing it in the abstract embroidery world right now. Her tightly embroidered alien landscapes (that’s how I see them anyway) are made with a mix of traditional embroidery techniques plus 3D polymer clay shapes. The result is this tiny world of playful, intricate and brightly coloured structures, like little playgrounds for miniature Martians. (Is it possible to look at these and not see aliens, or has my X files obsession got the better of me?)

Anyway, Justyna’s sculptural embroideries are great, but like many creatives she faces the whole problematic ‘life-money-art-time thing’. She needs money to make more cool stuff. So help a fellow creative out and head to her page to give even a very small donation (her target is a modest $25 per month, so come on guys).

Almost all the works shown here are for sale on Etsy, so check out her store too.

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