October Mood Board | New Moon

1. Mountain Blossom Midnight Blue Furoshiki by Leah Duncan.  £37.20

2. Fringed gypsy tapestry bag by Piper’s Crossing. £38.04

3. Violet mesh and velvet polka dot lingerie set by Garden of Delight. £38.04

4. La Chic Parisienne Collection green pleated skirt £69.09 and Fine Art Collection Japanese crane kimono, £174.68, Both by Purple Fish Bowl.

5. Velvet Pillow Covers by Esnelle. £18.25+

6. Celeste Mogador, Minaudiere Soleil Clutch Bag. €490.00

7. The Merlin painted leather clutch by Swag and Tassel. £220

8. Midnight Blue Kimono by Aluma Handmade. £163.03

9. Jessica of Miniature Rhino created this table runner project so you can make your own! Find the pattern and instructions here.

10. Iconic Vintage  Matsuda 80’s sweater sold by Boudoir queen. £368.76

11. Midnight Cushion Covers by Zana Products. £22.51

12. Mint Green tassel earrings by Wish Piece 2. £30.67

13. Mesh and velvet moon and star bralette by Jardin Fantome. £100.40

14. Constellation Quilt by Haptic Lab. $450.00

15. Hand Dyed Merino Wool in Plum by 1AZCfiber. £32.57

16. Khamun Copper & Navy tassel earrings by Abby for Abby Seymour. £57.62

17. Vintage Handmade Indian Gold and Silver Embroidered Belt by Distant. £65.21
18. Custom Order Wolf Lingerie set by FRKS Lingerie.

19. Celeste Mogador Broach. €120.00

20. Space lovers embroidered patch by Embrjoy. £5.43

21. Classic 60s sheer embroidered dress by Purple Fish Bowl. £151.39

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