10 Embroidery Artists on Instagram You Need to Follow

First of all I wanted to thank those of you who voted for your favourite embroidery artists, I really didn’t expect so many comments! I have  discovered loads of incredible artists I’d never heard of before, so thank you!

There are a lot of great artists out there who didn’t make the top 10, not because their work isn’t good but because they are not as well known, so I suggest taking a look through the comments to follow any artists you don’t already know and help promote their work.

So, 10 embroidery artists on Instagram you need to follow right now, in order of most votes, are as follows:




It was almost impossible to choose a single image to represent Gimena Romeo’s work because her embroidery covers so many styles, subject matters and techniques; from bright thread illustrations of Mexican Day of The Dead imagery, flowers and birds, to sketchy forest scenes in muted earth colours. Head over to her website to see more.




Kate Walsh creates exquisitely embroidered skulls adorned with cacti, flowers and golden trinkets. The tiny works are placed in elaborate guilt or carved frames. They are sumptuous, rich, and full of delicious detail. See more here.




Flowers, birds, fish and love hearts are some of the motifs that appear in Joana Caetano’s quaint and playful embroideries. Using a traditional form of Portuguese embroidery ’Bordado de Guimarães’ she refers to the popular and folkloric imagery of Portugal.




More macabre imagery from artist Britt Hutchingson but with a humourous twist. Skeletons smoke cigarettes and drink, dance and hold hands in these charming gothic embroideries. Visit her website to see more.




Who could not love Sarah Benning’s lush embroideries? Cacti, succulents and swiss cheese plants populate idyllic greenhouses and carpeted rooms. The jungle like embroideries are densely awash with rich, contrasting greens and reds. I love the recent addition of partially obscured figures hiding among the vegetation, adding a sense of narrative to her works. Go visit her Etsy shop.




The Internet has recently exploded over the work of artist Michelle Kingdom and it’s easy to see why; her surreal embroideries hint at intriguing narratives but conceal just enough to leave a lingering suspicion of sinister dealings; schoolgirls play in a dense forest, a group of young women in identical dresses surround two distressed swans and a lost couple feel their way through branches in thick woods. Incredible embroideries with a foreboding sense of melancholy. Visit her website for more.




Textile artists Nano Hernandez creates portraits with hand stitched details. His subjects usually appear against patterned, often floral backgrounds. He uses thread like pencil on paper, managing to capture the personality of each sitter with ease. See more on his website.



Mexico based embroidery artist and graphic designer Silvia Peligro creates tiny, wearable embroideries in the form of necklaces and pins, as well as bigger framed works. Her style is cute and playful, and a little bit quirky, with subject matter drawn from popular culture. Visit her Etsy shop and website for more colourful treasures.




Irish embroidery artist Domino Whisker (cool name, right?) embroiders little snippets of her mind onto linen. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, her words ‘fill her fabric with all her woes’. She’s also embroidered slogans onto clothes and I really hope there’s more of that to come, I’d happily wear her words.




Last but not least comes Cayce Zavaglia, who’s hyperreal portraits are made up of an insane amount of stitches. The detail in her work is breathtaking, and the amount of time that must go into them unimaginable. See her website for more.


Thank you again for voting, I hope you enjoyed exploring all these new IG accounts as much as I did!


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